About Us

Stony Creek Inc was started in the 1996 by Ed Millere. Stony Creek has grown from a single man operation to a company with over 20 employees. In 2004, Larry Plank became the general manager and continues to manage the company today.

In 2005, Byron Rhodes, the former Thomas County Cooperative Extension Agent and Gardening Consultant, joined the Stony Creek team. He brought to Stony Creek his knowledge of residential landscapes, commercial nurseries, weed & pest control, and plant identification as well as forestry and fish pond management.

In the past 13 years Stony Creek Landscaping has grown immensely. In 2006, Stony Creek purchased TLC Landscape and in 2007, purchased Wilson's Lawn & Pressure Washing, more than doubling the company’s customer base. In 2009, Stony Creek purchased Bobby's Lawn Care.

In 2010, owner of Paradise Landscape, Matt Dukes, merged with Stony Creek and joined the team. He brought to Stony Creek his 13 years of knowledge about residential and commercial landscaping, hardscapes, conservative irrigation systems, as well as plant identification.

In 2011, Stony Creek purchased GrassMaster Inc expanding our territory to service Bainbridge, Cairo, and the Tallahassee area with Herbicide, Insecticide, and Fungicide applications.